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Welcome to the Restoring Unity in the World Corporation web site. We're glad to see that you've found your way here. 

RUWC’s main aim at this time is to assist athletes with performance enhancing drugs addiction.  You can contact us by email.  There is more information on this web site in the section called, “Testosterone” and more information on the currently most abused PED: SARMs here.

We also offer cutting edge products on our product page.  Examine the Specialty section of the product page to discover breakthrough products for immune function, cancer, heart, virus and other microbes, diabetes, and other breakthrough products.


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The Board of Directors of this non-profit organization is currently comprised of Marvin Silver, Carolyn Franklin, Tom Sexton, and Janet Sexton.

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Questions or Problems? Contact us at: RESTOREUNITY@GMAIL.COM

Dr. Bob was fond of saying, “good luck and may heaven’s blessings be yours.”  If you like any cure or treatment on this web site you can make a donation.  Thanks for coming to the web site.





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