Orthomolecular medicine is a system of medicine practiced by MD doctors. It is a method that uses natural substances that are non-toxic and safe in a wide range of dose.

The levels of the mineral calcium are tightly controlled in the bloodstream and within narrow limits. These tightly controlled levels of calcium in the bloodstream are necessary to control the rhythm of the heartbeat, many cellular functions, act as a secondary messenger of some hormones, and many other functions. The levels of calcium in the bloodstream, are a matter of life and death.

If dietary calcium is not sufficient to maintain appropriate levels of calcium in the bloodstream, the body will use calcium sources in the body to maintain appropriate calcium levels. Calcium will be used from bones, tissue, and other sources of calcium in the body, to help maintain levels of calcium in the bloodstream.

The obvious solution to osteoporosis and other pathologies related to loss of calcium from tissue such as nerve, bone, and other tissues, appears to be to supplement more calcium. This does help, but it is not the entire solution. The stress of chronic disease, such as osteoporosis, often leads to rising levels of parathyroid hormone.

The parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretions maintain cellular balance, by helping maintain appropriate levels of calcium in the bloodstream. "PTH secretion is inversely related to the ambient concentration of ionized calcium. Serum PTH declines in a rectilinear fashion in relation to serum calcium levels between 7.5 ml and 10.5mg/dl. (Ref. Robert K. Murray, MD, Ph.D., Daryl K. Granmer, MD, Peter A. Mayes, Ph.D., D.Sc., Victor W. Fodwell, Ph.D., Harper's Biochemistry, 25th Edition. Appleton & Lance, Stanford, Connecticut, 2000, Page 570.)" This means levels of calcium in the bloodstream regulate PTH and reciprocally the amount of PTH in the bloodstream helps regulate normal extra cellular fluid calcium.

So aside from dietary calcium intake, another factor in maintaining appropriate levels of calcium in the bloodstream is PTH levels. Stress, aging, disease, and many other factors can result in PTH levels rising, to levels abnormally high. This will result in calcium levels in the bloodstream changing and possibly resulting in imbalance of calcium inside and outside cells. The body may use calcium from the foods you eat, from your own body's bones and other tissue to attempt to normalize calcium levels, but as long as PTH is abnormally high, the body will need much larger amounts of calcium than normal, to help reduce PTH levels. Calcium can control PTH, but for abnormal high amounts of PTH you may need abnormal high amounts of calcium.

Furthermore, often when there is high PTH, there may also be calcium imbalance inside and outside cells, as well as lower levels of calcium in the bloodstream. Restoring more optimal calcium levels and restoring balance between calcium inside and outside cells, are both needed to optimize calcium supplementation protocols for diseases such as osteoporosis.

Over 50% of all deaths in the United States are from heart disease. A major player in the pathology of heart disease is calcium that attaches to vascular walls. Where does this calcium come from? Calcium maintains cellular balance by electrical charges inside and outside cells, that helps maintain appropriate calcium levels in the bloodstream. If calcium falls out of the bloodstream and attaches to vascular walls, then it seems like something must be wrong with the voltage requirements needed inside and outside cells to maintain appropriate amounts of extra cellular fluid calcium. Once again, the issue of calcium balance seems connected to calcium balance inside and outside cells, to maintain cellular balance, as well as calcium levels in the bloodstream. Possibly maintaining calcium balance inside and outside cells, can reduce the amount of calcium falling out of the bloodstream and attaching to vascular walls.

Cancer is a disease of imbalanced and inappropriately regulated cells. Excess calcium inside cells usually occurs when cells become unregulated. Once again, the issue of calcium balance, as well as calcium levels in the bloodstream, appears once more. Appropriate calcium levels can help regulation of cells, possibly even in cancer.

It seems that diseases that have calcium involved in the pathology need to regulate calcium and optimize levels of calcium in the bloodstream. This means that PTH must be balanced, as well as calcium.

Dr. Bob was a MD internal medicine, orthomolecular doctor, MD psychiatrist, chiropractor, and healer 65 years. He was a diabetic who lived to 108 years with only 1 side effect 2 years before he passed away. Dr. Bob practiced a system of medicine called orthomolecular medicine. It is a system of medicine that uses mainly natural substances that are non-toxic and safe in wide range of doses. It uses mainly herbs and minerals/vitamins.

Dr. Bob's orthomolecular method to maintain proper calcium levels, balance calcium inside and outside cells, and restore PTH to normal levels-the following doses are based on a 180 pound man and should be adjusted according to your weight, age, an physical health. Consult with an orthomolecular doctor or nutritional specialist. The following are only guidelines:

1. 2000mg total of calcium each day. Supplement it in divided doses. Take a larger dose of calcium in the evening. Do not eat chocolate or drink milk around the time you are supplementing calcium.

2. 1000mg total of magnesium each day. Supplement magnesium at the same time as calcium. The ratio of calcium-magnesium is 2 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium. Magnesium, inside cells, has an electrical charge that helps maintain cellular balance inside and outside cells, including calcium. Calcium and magnesium are cofactors to each other in many of the functions they carry out.

3. Supplement ion-exchange whey protein concentrate. Whey supplies the essential amino acids that are necessary for hormones, enzymes, and other structures that are involved in maintaining cellular balance.

4. Supplement a multivitamin and mineral. Dr. Bob advised the brand Maxilife. A multi supplies cofactors needed in maintaining cellular balance. For example, potassium is a cofactor of calcium-magnesium in maintaining cellular balance and potassium can usually be found in a multi.

5. 300 mg vitamin B6. B6 is necessary for amino acid metabolism. B6 is a cofactor of calcium-magnesium. It is needed in a ratio of 3 parts magnesium to 1 part B6. Take the multi-whey-calcium-magnesium-B6 at the same time.

6. Calcium absorption requires cofactors. An excellent multivitamin and mineral, like Maxilife, will have most of the co-factors. Also use elemental calcium whenever possible. Elemental calcium is the calcium your bones are made from, which means elemental calcium will need to be handled and processed less by the body than other calcium supplements. This should lead to higher absorption, then other forms of calcium. We handle the product Bone-Up that has elemental calcium; as well as other cofactors calcium needs for proper absorption.

7. Many independent studies conclude most supplements sold are placebo or inadequate. Different calcium supplements can vary by great amounts in how much is absorbed. Possibly one reason many people, who supplement calcium, still develop pathologies associated with inadequate amounts of calcium, is the calcium supplement itself is inadequate. Be sure to use only supplements from companies of proven high reputation, otherwise you may be the loser.

Find your magnesium bowel tolerance. Most optimal amounts of supplements are not known. The body contains infinite wisdom. When you have too much magnesium, your body produces bowel movements to eliminate excess magnesium. Dr. Bob advised to supplement, ½ to 1-gram total of magnesium, each day. He recommended divided doses. He advised use optimal doses until bowel tolerance occurs (bowel movement immediately after using the supplement), afterwards use a dose slightly lower than bowel tolerance. For example, if you supplement magnesium in the AM and immediately afterwards have a bowel movement, then reduce your AM magnesium dose to slightly less than a dose that produces an immediate bowel movement. Do the same process with your magnesium dose in the PM. This is a basic guideline on finding an optimal magnesium dose, see an orthomolecular doctor or nutrition specialist before starting any of these ideas.

A woman weighing about 120 pounds usually supplemented 1500mg calcium-750mg magnesium-250 mg B6.

In conclusion, Dr. Bob explained that optimizing your calcium-magnesium-B6 dose could often restore calcium balance and calcium levels. This could result in a person receiving adequate supplementation levels, which meant the body did not need to deplete calcium from bone and other tissues to help maintain proper calcium levels in the bloodstream. Dr. Bob discovered, by using the body's bowel tolerance to magnesium, what the proper levels of supplementation needed to be, to normalize PTH and calcium levels, to help supplement calcium levels, and help restore cellular balance.

Dr. Bob often said, "stop osteoporosis right now, it does not need to happen." We acknowledge there are other ideas that help fight against osteoporosis and other diseases that are involved with inadequate and imbalanced calcium levels in the bloodstream. Resistance training, diet, hormones, attitudes, and many other factors are important to help osteoporosis and other diseases related to calcium problems. However, often PTH is at improper levels when there are calcium problems. Until PTH is normalized to proper levels, Dr. Bob found other ideas are inadequate. Once PTH is normalized, then other ideas can influence health a great deal.

Dr. Bob's special note - Not everyone will want 2 bowel movements. Dr. Bob recommended at least 1 each day and said, "2 is not a bad idea."

Note – In order for these anti-aging ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, "almost all supplement companies produce poor quality." You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval. Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards.


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