Where Do The Spirits Go
After The Body Dies

The question was asked of Dr. Bob "where do the spirits go after the body dies?"  The following was his answer:

Imagine waking up on a bed.  You are in a room that is painted white.  There are no doors or windows.  You have no idea where you are or what is going on.  This is the initial experience for most that have entered what I refer to as the death space.

People are confused after they die.  One reason for this is that a spirit has different senses than those people are accustomed to on the earth plane.  For example, a spirit has 360-degree vision and can see above as well as below.  This can be a little disconcerting at first, and takes getting used to.  Take for example the vision of a newborn child.  When the newborn first uses his eyes the images come in upside down.  After a little experience the newborn automatically begins to see right side up.  Similarly, spirits need time to adjust to their new senses.  Spirits do not use the sense of sight as we do, rather, their vision comes through a sense similar to ESP.  Spirits do not need light to see because they have a wider up optical range.  A spirit can see more colors than human eyes can detect; they are able to see more colors at the edge of known wavelengths.

Another ability that takes getting used to is travel.  In the spirit form we experience a much higher energy mode than on the earth plane.  Science has shown that higher energy levels do funny things to time and space.  For spirits, time does some telescoping, meaning that days, months, and years seem to overlap to some degree. This higher energy mode allows travel to be almost instantaneous, almost as soon as you think of where you want to go, you are there.  This is an entirely new experience which new spirits must become accustomed to.

A new spirit needs help in learning to be disciplined in travel.  It can travel too much at the beginning, going to many places and becoming disoriented.  This telescoping in travel also can overlap in time in either the past or future.  This allows travel right back to the source of any question so answers can be found to anything by merely going to the time of the event in question.  This is apparently one of the favorite pastimes of spirits, much like dessert is a favorite at mealtime.

Some spirits have a great ability to sense emotions.  They are able to do this because they are able to perceive inside other spirits and therefore have a good idea of what others are thinking.

In effect, a spirit's senses are greatly increased but it needs experience to learn how best to utilize them.  The new spirit needs nurturing to help it understand how things work.  Those that provide this help are normally family or friends.  This is why there is individual karma as well as family karma and why people on earth should send some of their prayers to their family.

Part of being a spirit is like experiencing hyper reality.  Everything is crystal clear, more in focus, and sharper.  Nonetheless, at the beginning much seems the same as on the earth plane to a new spirit.  There are many on the earth plane that aspire to be like God.  Dr. Bob believed it is better to first develop your humanity.  Let God be God.  Let people discover the human purposes for their life.  It seems a good thing, in Dr. Bob's opinion, to stay in human dimensions.  Being a human and developing humanity is what Dr. Bob said seems worthwhile.

The question was asked, is there sex in the spirit life?  Dr Bob answered with the following: Yes, but it is in a different form because there is no body.  The feeling is like pressure, but cannot actually be described.  It is a sense that spirits have that cannot be put into words, similar to how there are no words to describe the color pink to a blind man.


Dr. Bob was fond of saying, "good luck and may heaven's blessings be yours."  If you like any cure or treatment on this web site you can make a donation.  Thanks for coming to the web site.

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