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This web site is created for several purposes.

1. RUWC wishes to help pregnant women who cannot afford the heroin cure Buprenex to get it. Buprenex has almost no withdrawal symptoms. It stops heroin or methadone withdrawal symptoms. Because of its mild withdrawal, pregnant women can use it. This creates drug free babies! The heroin cure can be found on the content page of this web site.

2. To promote orthomolecular medicine. This is a school of healing using non-toxic natural substances. It uses mainly herbs and vitamin/mineral substances. Drugs are toxic. Orthomolecular medicine heals without this toxicity. There are many cures and treatments on this web-site. They are all orthomolecular.

3. To disseminate accurate information and understanding of hormonal health. Hormonal health is the next advance in modern medicine. It will slow down, stop, or reverse aging. It will end or attenuate many degenerative diseases that are glandular in origin. Some of these are cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Presently there is a great amount of wrong information, misinformation, and fear about hormones. This has been caused by wrong treatments in the past. The mistakes of the past stem from wrong doses at the wrong time coupled with a lack of understanding of the hormonal cascade. Many degenerative diseases and aging itself are the result of low hormone levels and imbalance in hormone levels. To stop these aging and degenerative diseases modern medicine will use hormonal replacement therapy. It is wise to get the facts and understand the value of these facts. Modern medicine is heading towards putting great value on hormonal replacement. We hope to help promote

4. Overlooked cures. There are many cures that modern medicine has stopped using for no reason. These cures still work. We will make these cures known again via this web-site. There are other cures used in other parts of the world that are not known or are ignored by the modern medical establishment. This web site will promote these also.

5. To mail any orthomolecular substances requested from this web site. We will mail anywhere the mail travels.

6. We also hope to create an Internet group. This writer has communicated firsthand with many that have been healed from serious illness. They are grateful for healing. We hope they will unite and help advance orthomolecular medicine and other worthwhile aims. The Internet allows us to unite on a grassroots level needed to help make available existing cures and treatments that can help everyone.

Historically, often only a few people were needed to dramatically affect history. For example, it was a small group of people that united the American colonies. They succeeded in motivating the whole nation of America to declare its independence from England. This handful of people created the American Revolution. Formerly only a few would unite to create great change. Now, because of the Internet, many can come together to accomplish change. How great can this power be? We think people like you can change the world.

We would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read this web site. We emphasize that the ideas we put on this web site each individual can do to make the world a little better. For instance, everyone can tell others about the heroin cure, Buprenex. When one person or infant benefits as a result of your effort, then you have done your glorious part. Do not leave the telling to others.

RUWC also emphasizes that we handle unique products. One is growth hormone in an oral spray. Growth hormone for many years has been available only as an injection. It has been expensive and not easy to find growth hormone. It is now available in an oral spray at a lot less cost than the injection. Growth hormone is a way that can reverse aging. Read about this product on the product page and in articles about human growth hormone. We handle other valuable products. We handle Male Plus containing world-renowned herbs to improve sexual ability. It can possibly help impotence and even nerve damage. Please check out the product page. There are many that are checking out the orthomolecular ideas on this web site. As this information becomes disseminated into the world many may use the ideas on this web site. The wildly grateful ones will spread the news. We wish to be sure that all of the supplements on this web site are available to everyone. Dr. Bob said, almost all supplements sold were of poor quality. We will attempt to supply only the brands Dr. Bob advised or products of equal quality. We will provide the service of shipping any product in these WebPages anywhere there is mail in the world.

We also are available for email. There have been many emails so far. The Internet is a way to create unity in the world. It helps to assist others and bring people together. Instead of continuing the spread of separation, isolation, and alienation in society today, help others and create unity in the world.

We thank all for taking the time to find out about this web site. Our purpose, summed up, is to do good in the world. We invite others to join in doing good. Making people well restores these people to strong and independent functioning. This is restoring unity back into these people’s lives. This also restores unity back into the world. Good luck to all.

Note – In order for these anti-aging ideas to be successful, you must use supplements of the highest quality. Dr. Bob often said, “almost all supplement companies produce poor quality.” You can consider the product page of this web site. Almost all the products met Dr. Bob’s approval. Since he passed away we have attempted to keep the same high standards.


Thank you for visiting this web site. Go with the flow and contribute to the music of the motion. If you are happy with any information found on this web site, please consider a donation.